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Leveraging Facebook Stores to Grow Your Business

Business growth ideas

Another great resource that I recently came across is Time’s business tip of the day! It looks like they post almost every day with new ideas on hiring, growth, management, and much more.

Another really great blog/website to follow is When I started my first business I practically lived on this site. Some of the recommendations and posts can be pretty high level and watered down, but given that they have articles on just about everything, it can be a really great starting point when you are wanting to explore a new area of your business (marketing, coding, management, fundraising, etc.).

Sell on Facebook

Don’t have a website but still want/need to be accepting online sales for your business? I huge recent trend has been businesses using a Facebook fan page as their website and monetizing it using a fan page store. One of the services that makes it easy to sell on Facebook is You can upload products and setup your store in a few clicks. At $9/month, they are definitely one of the most affordable ways to add a Facebook fan page store.

It is definitely becoming easier and easier to set up some sort of a website/fan page where your customers can find you and you can begin to make sales. It is really exciting to watch how businesses can accelerate their sales by simply adding ecommerce!


Another great resource for small business growth is reading through the posts on the SBA website… for instance, here is a pretty good article with marketing ideas as we move into the holiday season this year..

Marketing ideas for the holiday season

Here is an infographic explaining how you attract more buyers during the holidays, based upon why they choose to purchase online:

Sell through a Facebook fan page

Growth Ideas

Recently saw a cool article on CNBC that talked about creative ways to grow your business, and maybe even more importantly fund your business. Access to information has radically changed the way companies are created, discovered, and funded, and with that there are many new opportunities to grow and raise money. Here’s the article

Not only has ecommerce revolutionized how businesses can sell, but crowdfunding has now revolutionized the way businesses start and grow.

Growth ideas

In case you haven’t heard of him, I highly recommend following Seth Godin. His blog constantly contains really great snippets of encouragement, growth ideas, and it is always just a few paragraphs. He isn’t someone spilling his heart out page after page like so many bloggers out there today..

Wanted to share in case any of you hadn’t heard of him!

Small Business Growth

We’ve all heard of the big names like Facebook and Twitter that seemed to pop up overnight and have explosive growth. Sure, we’d all like to found one of those companies, but realistically your company is going to have slow but hopefully steady growth, with a few spikes here and there. All in all there aren’t really any silver bullets that will automatically take your company to an IPO, and so we need to rely on making sales and interacting with customers almost every chance we get.

I hope to share some strategies for growing your business, and also provide some resources that could help along the way.